AFP Series 

High frequency vibrators

  • Technical Sheets
  • Characteristics

    Three-phase power supply
    with standard executions:
    4 poles – 42V 200Hz – 6000 rpm
    2 poles – 42V 150Hz – 9000 rpm

    On request
    100Hz – 120Hz 180Hz – 240Hz executions

    Frequency converter
    On specific request, OMB can supply the frequency converter suitable to the vibrator motors operation.

OMB range of vibrating motors at High Frequency and Variable Frequency are typically used in prefabrication plants, formworks, vibrating tables, vibrofinishing machines and vibropresses.

It is a range that has been studied and designed separately from our ranges for other industrial applications, as we incorporated in these products those characteristics of robustness and compactness that are critical in their typical applications.